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On Islands of the Tiakoke in the Tricita Sea, one Amunnite miner found a treasure filled with gold coins. In Tiachoke Island it was considered as local news that a miner became the richest man in town but for pirates overseas it was the news of the century. It turns out that the treasure was the looted goods from Captain Morgan.

Jake Morgan was the greatest pirate known in history. He was considered the Pirate King and he moved to 7 different continents and pillaged so much treasure that it is said to have been enough to buy a country. He was famous for targeting only Royal Merchant’s ship and never the common people’s wealth.

The fact that Tiakoke Islands may be the spot where Captain Morgan hid his trinkets set a fire in the minds of every pirate in the world. And yes, they are all gathering to this land, one by one. Only by finding Captain Morgan’s treasures, will it bring them all fame, money, power and the title of next Pirate King!

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